Automotive Industry

In the world of auto manufacturing, a top-flight car designer makes all the difference – from the one-of-a-kind concept vehicle all the way to the production car on the showroom floor.

A major U.S. automotive company hoped to entice a leading Japanese designer to join their famously creative design office, and help the company “change the architecture of the modern automobile.”

The company turned to Roby Law Associates to facilitate employment of this imaginative, young car designer then employed in the Japanese auto industry.

Explains attorney Steven B. Roby, “At those initial meetings, our role was to help the company present this exciting opportunity to the designer, and also provide legal counsel on complex U.S. immigration and nationality implications.”

But Roby’s role didn’t end there. Once the designer accepted the position, and the appropriate immigration paperwork was expedited, Roby Law Associates continued their legal counsel.

Counsel, In the Truest Sense

Six months into the Detroit-based assignment, Roby detected subtle clues that the designer and his family were having trouble assimilating into the U.S. “We observed some real red flags in the course of handling the visas and employment authorizations. Finally, the designer confided that his wife was miserable here, lonely and isolated. They began to second-guess the move.”

Roby Law Associates quickly offered cultural integration resources to the family such as language and social training, suggestions for schools, recreation and social networks. Working closely with the employer, Roby Law Associates’ practical help enhanced the family’s quality of life, and ultimately made the transition a success.

The family has thrived, and nearly 10 years later, this trend-setting designer helps the company produce cars that capture the hearts and imagination of drivers around the globe.