Electronics Industry

Advanced electronic circuitry engineering is a highly technical field in which manufacturers compete for a finite pool of specialized talent.

That’s why a metro-Detroit electronic services firm was pleased to find an Egyptian foreign national Ph.D. conducting research at an area university. Once the engineer accepted the firm’s offer of employment, the company looked to Roby Law Associates to handle U.S. visa reclassification from J-1 scholar status to H-1B Non Immigrant Visa.

Worry at Home

In the course of processing the change in status, Roby Law Associates became aware of a troubling situation. Explains Steven B. Roby, “As we got to know this Egyptian foreign national, we learned that his young daughter was receiving medical treatment for cystic fibrosis. H-1B visa requirements call for two-year home residency. This meant that the family would be uprooted to Egypt, where cystic fibrosis medical care is not available. Complying with the residency requirement would have compromised the health of this young child.”

Roby considered the needs of this young family, while balancing the company’s employment objectives, and designed an effective solution. He quickly applied for an exception hardship that released the family from the home residency requirement. The exemption was approved, and the visa reclassification was processed. The engineer took on his new duties, and the young daughter’s medical care continued without interruption.