Industrial Manufacturing

Wrinkles develop in even the most seemingly straightforward of employment-based immigration cases.

When a major U.S. industrial company hired a manufacturing process engineer from Thailand, Roby Law Associates easily handled the H-1B Non Immigrant Visa, which admitted the technical specialist to the United States and allowed him to stay at a set location for a defined period of time.

After a year or so, the employer was so pleased with the worker, the company expanded his duties to Resident Engineering Manager, charged with moving throughout the United States to improve plant processes and quality. Again, Roby Law Associates easily processed the Visa Classification modification to reflect the new duties and locations.

Added Complexity

The situation grew even more complex when, in the course of obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa (Green Card) for the engineer, Roby Law Associates learned that he decided to marry his Thailand-based fiancée.

Explains attorney Steven B. Roby, “Adding a foreign spouse to a ‘pending’ visa case can be a real mess, and if not processed properly, subjects the new spouse to a seven-year wait before joining her husband. This was unacceptable to all of us.”

Fortunately, Roby Law Associates cut through complex U.S. immigration rules and processed a “following to join” exemption to the seven-year wait. The exemption was quickly filed and approved. The employer continues to benefit from improved plant processes and quality. And, as befits any newly married couple, they lived happily ever after – together.