Oleksander Tkachenko

Good Fortune

Ukraine artist Oleksander Tkachenko created this multi-media artwork to portray the events surrounding his admission as an immigrant to the United States.

A major printing company serving Wayne State University (Detroit, Mich.) asked attorney Steven B. Roby for assistance in obtaining Ukraine artist Oleksander Tkachenko’s entry into the United States. Tkachenko’s work had fallen into official disfavor by the former Soviet Union government, and he sought artistic freedom in the United States.

Roby documented Tkachenko’s impressive honors to secure the artist Extraordinary Ability Status. Tkachenko successfully entered the United States.

In gratitude, Tkachenko created this unique piece. The artist depicts himself as a chained parrot, choosing a way out of a restrictive environment. Attorney Steven B. Roby is represented by a “balloon of good fortune” carried by the fair winds to help facilitate the artist’s release. The captive parrot also illustrates the good fortune of Tkachenko to have benefited from the selection of Roby’s legal counsel.